Sunday, February 26th: Melissa Sue Arrives!

Day at a Glance: Kouzzina at 7:30 a.m., Epcot all morning, The Wave at 1:30, MK late afternoon, Fort Wilderness Campfire Sing Along 7:00 p.m.


Goodbye, mom!

This is a day of eating.  Tracy and her mother will be leaving AKL in the rental car to make a 7:30 breakfast reservation on The Boardwalk at Kouzzina.  After what promises to be a fabulous meal–and the only sit-down breakfast of the trip–Peggy and Tracy will take the boat over to Epcot so that Peggy can ride Soarin as many times as possible before leaving the park.  She will also likely visit Mission Space, but Tracy won’t be joining her on that one, because she likes the Orange Team.

Welcome back, Melissa Sue!

They will then drive from the Boardwalk–where the rental car is–to the Contemporary to meet Melissa by no later than 1:00 in the afternoon, for a 1:25 reservation at The Wave.  Tracy is looking forward to some wine from a screw top bottle.  [Melissa’s note: Can’t wait for this meal!!] Upon finishing their repast, Tracy and Melissa will bid farewell to dear mother–who, sadly, will be driving her car and herself back to the airport to return home–and make their way to The Magic Kingdom, where they will be generally child-like in their sense of wonderment.

After leaving the park sometime around 5:30, the duo will make their way to Fort Wilderness, where they shall enjoy the Fire Lighting at 6:30, followed by a camp fire sing-along at 7:00. [Melissa’s note: And dinner at Trail’s End To-Go!] If they so desire, they will stay for the 8:00 movie, which is Lilo and Stich.  Tracy has never seen this particular movie, so that should be fun. [Melissa’s note: Or we can head back into the Magic Kingdom after the sing-along! For Wishes! And a Kiss Goodnight!] [Tracy’s note:  the ‘kiss goodnight’ is a thing they do in the Magic Kingdom just after park closing.  It involves something with lighting, I believe.  Just in case any of you were thinking that Melissa and I were going to be actually kissing each other goodnight–we won’t be.  Though we probably will hug.]  

EDIT:  I am allowing this post to remain as it is to prove a point–sometimes plans change.  As of now–Saturday evening–I’ve cancelled our Kouzzina breakfast reservation.  We plan to sleep in and hang out by the pool (or, if it rains, in this beautiful one-bedroom villa at Kidani Village) for the entire morning.  Why?  Because we received a memo about the Princess Half Marathon that’s happening tomorrow morning.  Apparently getting around the WDW Resort will be a royal pain in the ears any time before noon tomorrow.  So we’re not even going to try.  But oh well–that just means that I can sleep in, hit the gym again (I did make it there this morning–yay) and spend some time gazing out at the savanna.  I guess that’s something I can do even if it is raining.  Which proves another point–sometimes Disney plans get ruined.  But you’re still in Disney, so you can make the best of it!