Goodnight, Duffy

Duffy at his home in Epcot

Say what you will about Duffy the Disney Bear, but I think he’s a fascinating study of how a character is created from scratch and evolves over time.

What started as temporary marketing ploy for a new store in Downtown Disney has grown into a revenue-generating powerhouse that is truly fan-driven. (The DisneyWiki has a great overview of his history.)

Not only does this little fashion hound have more than three dozen unique outfits, but he’s featured on pins, key chains and mugs. He’s taken over the Kidcot stations in Epcot, has his own Facebook fan page and inspired a line of ear hats. He even has a girlfriend! Yea, he’s kind of a big deal.

Which is why I wasn’t very surprised when some friends mentioned that Duffy has his own channel on resort TV. That’s right: you can watch Duffy all day, everyday on your Walt Disney World Resort hotel television on channel 38.

If you tune in throughout the day, you’ll see and hear a lengthy Duffy commercial played over and over (and over), but if you tune in between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., a delightful family will read you the Duffy story. 

The folks at Disney say this is a great bedtime story for your kids, but forget that! I don’t need kids to go to Disney World, and I don’t need kids to want a bedtime story, especially when I’m traveling solo as I was in February. I snuggled up in my PJs, put my feet up on some extra pillows and settled in for a goodnight kiss, Disney-style.

Watching Duffy

And, as a bonus, Disney’s made the video clip available on their YouTube channel, so you can even watch at home:

What do you think about Duffy? Would you watch the bedtime story on resort television?