Star Wars Puppy Love

photo 3I know! I don’t normally post on a Sunday but … ahhhh! There’s an amazing, amazing sale going on at Petco right now on the terrifically amazing Star Wars collection. And I know that’s a lot of amazings. But come on …

Let’s start with toys:

Death Star Pull Toy (Petco) | Chewie Bone (Petco)  |
 Ewok Plush (Petco) | Jawa Plush (Petco)

There are a variety of toys in the line–some of them are squeaky, some are crunchy, some are designed for hard play and some are just cuddle babies. The one thing they all have in common: They’re really cute. I wanted to get George a little Jawa (he already had a Chewie that squeaks), but they didn’t have any at my local Petco. (Sads.)

Chewie Rope Ball (Petco) | BB8 Rope Ball (Petco)  

Special shout out to these adorable rope ball toys. I wish George was the type to play fetch. But if you have a bigger dog who plays fetch, this is the toy.

Chewie Dog Harness (Petco) | Light Side Dog Collar (Petco) |
Chewie Dog Socks (Petco) | R2D2 Dog Hat (Petco)  

Dressing up a dog or cat is adorable. At least, I think so. In fact, someone’s dog has the Chewie harness and Light Side collar. There are Dark Side options, as well. But George is more of a Rebel, you know? There are so many adorbs little costumes, both functional and ornamental.

Darth Treat Jar (Petco) | Chewie Treat Jar (Petco)

These are brilliant. Sure, they’re pet treat jars … but who would know if this was sitting on your kitchen counter as a cookie jar? If I had need of a cookie jar (or even a flour jar!), this would be in my home, for sure.

Chewie Pet Carrier (Pecto) | R2-D2 Pet Carrier (Petco) |
Darth Pet Carrier (Petco

How amazing are these?!? And at half the price of similar bags made for humans. I’d loooooove one of the Chewbacca bags, but unfortunately, it’s sold out. 🙁

Captain Phasma Collectible (Petco) | Kylo Ren Collectible (Petco)  

And, finally, the most brilliant bit of the Star Wars for Petco line: Collectible dog toys. Because once you have collected all of the latest Vinylmations, why not help your dog collect Disney ephemera??

Best of all: Most of these items are on sale … and the ones that aren’t are Buy One, Get One 50% Off if you are part of the Petco PALS program. So go crazy!

Is the Force strong with your pet? Let us know in the comments.