Imagineering Awesome: Star Wars Land Gets a Best Friend Makeover

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Today’s exciting new attraction(s) comes to us from Karen and Davina from The Best Friends Guide. I love these two sassy ladies and their decidedly “whoooo girlie” take on Disney. I really, really, really wish I could do Epcot with them. But for now, let’s head to Hollywood with them …


We certainly are not the first people to think of Star Wars Land. But with the recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, Disney has opened themselves to the possibility of expanding the stand-alone Star Tours ride into something much more immersive. Karen and I thought we would put our minds together on our take on the “must have” Star Wars Land features.

Pod Racing Anyone?
First there was Test Track, then there was Radiator Springs Racers, and in our dream Star Wars Land there would be a Pod Racing thrill ride. A side-by-side race through the desert terrain where every twist and turn offers thrill seekers a chance to challenge other Pod Racers in Tatooine. Maybe they can improve the Test Track experience and have your own “design a pod racer” as you wait in the queue.

Star Wars Land 1

DJ Lobot Wants You To Party and So Do We
Seriously the best thing ever was DJ Lobot during the May the 4th be With You Limited Time Magic. A month later and I am still laughing at all the characters breaking out their finest moves (see dance off with Chewie and Greedo below). This would be a regular thing in our Star Wars Land. First, the music is amazing. Who would have thought about mixing the monorail “please stand clear of the closing doors” speech with Britney Spears– DJ Lobot, that’s who. I found the set on Sound Cloud and I almost cried with joy.


I’m Meeting Han at the Cantina at 8
It’s a no brainer that a themed quick service would fit in nicely in Star Wars Land. Since you can drink at Hollywood Studios what better than a Cantina where surly intergalactic servers shake up some frosty cocktails. You never know who you might bump into in the Cantina– bounty hunters in the VIP lounge. I’m thinking light apps, beverages, and of course, the Cantina Band every hour on the hour. Just make sure you are on the guest list.

Star Wars 2

Ewok Sleep Over
Who doesn’t love a good tree house… yes, I know there is the Swiss Family Tree House in the Magic Kingdom. But this would be pimped out Endor stlye. Great for the smaller fans who may be too short for Pod Racing. I’m thinking rope bridges, misty tree tops to stay cool in the hot Florida sun, and the potential to bump into an Ewok or two.
Welcome to Dagoba. Watch Your Step (and Head).

Growing up surrounded by Star Wars I always dreamed of visiting two places, Yodas house on Dagoba and the inside of a ton ton. I joke, but seriously I would love it if Dagoba was somehow represented as you walk through “Star Wars Land” and you could even take a peek into Yodas little house. I understand that true to size most would be too big for a walk through, but it could be more of kid friendly adventure while the moms and dads hang outside trying to raise Luke’s X-Wing fighter from the swamp.

Star Wars 3

Behind the Scenes Tour
As a Disney fangirl its not really allowed to mention the U word (ahem…Universal) but I will say that the Harry Potter ride with its 3D awesomeness and spiders and Dementors all up in your face was pretty amazing. I still can’t help but feel that Star Tours has so much more potential even after being redone. How fantastic would it be to take “flight” in an X-wing fighter- after you raise it of course- and come face to face with the Rancor, dodge Jabba the Hutt , feel the cold of Hoth as you escape the Wampa, zig zag through the multiple light sabers of General Grievous. I WANT to feel like all those things are really going to get me, so please Disney…get it done. Oh and of course this ride is located in the center of the park inside the Death Star.

Star Wars 4

In Closing
Obviously the park must have two entrances. One for the Dark Side and one for the good side, aka Jedis. And please have as many jawas as possible. Imagineers, you’re welcome.

Are you excited by the upgrades the ladies have come up with? Let us know in the comments! 

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