Saturday Something: Spaceship QR

Mouse on the Mind QR codeOkay, here’s the thing: in my day job (marketing mostly to teenagers), I HATE QR CODES.

All the research shows that teens don’t use them and, in fact, I’ve recently been seeing more and more evidence that QR codes are actually detrimental. Young people are starting to see them as not just irrelevant but also as a sign of a company or institution that is desperate to create a “cool,” tech-savvy image.

BUT goddamn, I love the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Special Event QR code:

Epcot Food and Wine QR code

I first saw it during the Food & Wine Festival last year: on signs, on menu boards and on the Marketplace Discovery Passport. It was also frequently seen around the World Showcase during the Flower and Garden Festival in 2012, and here in Orlando, I’m seeing it on signs throughout Epcot this week.

It’s beautifully designed. The logo, seen frequently in a shade of green during F&W and in a shade of blue during F&G, fits seamlessly into the Festivals’ colorways and design schemes. In any color, it is pleasing to the eye, even if you don’t immediately recognize (or know) what it is. I like that, even if you can’t (or don’t know how) to use it, it’s still appropriately decorative.

How does it work? Just launch a QR code reader (I use the free QR Reader, but there are many similar apps out there), hold your phone up to the code, and you’ll be redirected to a fairly robust, smart-phone-designed website with details about the menus and special events happening in Epcot throughout the festivals.

In short, it’s definitely something I love on a Saturday … and every other day of the week, too. And I’ve already put it to  good use this year during the Food & Wine Fest!

Have you used the Food & Wine QR code? What did you think?

Thanks to Davina and Karen of the Best Friends Guide. They wrote about the QR code a few weeks ago and totally inspired this post.