Sip The Force

Just in time for May the Fourth, I’ve got a very special treat: 2 Star Wars-themed cocktails that you can make at home! (Seriously! Head to the store on your way home from work and mix one up with dinner!)

The backstory: Dan and I were staying at Old Key West resort during the Star Wars Dark Side Half-Marathon in mid-April, and OKW was (oddly?) race central. To keep the racers feeling limber (and probably to ease their post-race pain), the resort was offering Star Wars cocktails. So of course we ordered a couple. And I made them into handy-dandy recipe cards that you can download or save to your Pinterest boards. (Click to embiggen.)

The cocktails were, overall, really fun! And t was such a simple way for Disney to weave the theme into the resort and add value to the race weekend.

The Chosen One was very light and fruity. It was definitely the kind of fun cocktail you’d want to sip poolside.

The Star Dust reminded us a very dark, refined cocktail; something Darth Vader might sip while plotting the destruction of Alderaan–although Dan suggested that it would fit right in at the Territory Lounge.

The Star Dust, by the way, caused quite a commotion in Oliva’s Cafe. All of the waitresses swung by our table to check it out. Because we were the first people to order one, and the drink was garnished with a Death Star ice cube. The servers had been watching the kitchen staff make the cubes by hand (using the same molds we can buy online), and they were wondering how it looked in the drink. (I didn’t think it looked particularly like a Death Star, myself, but Dan insisted that it did.)

Whip up a cocktail for yourself and your friends tonight. And may The Force be with you!

Which cocktail sounds up your alley? Let us know in the comments!