Boo To You: Scare the Crows

Boo To You (Mouse on the Mind)

There’s something about Disney all dressed up for the holidays … The lights, touches and hidden Mickeys make every holiday-time visit to WDW extra special.

My favorite harvest holiday details in the Magic Kingdom are the scarecrows that greet you as you enter the original Orlando theme park. Contrary to their name, these straw-stuffed Cast Members set up in Town Square couldn’t scare a fly, and their big welcoming grins brighten even the rainiest days in the Kingdom.

Scarecrow at bat (Mouse on the Mind)
Scarecrow at bat

Shopaholic Scarecrow (Mouse on the Mind)
She’s ready to shop until she drops
The Main Street Philharmonic Band Leader (Mouse on the Mind)
The Main Street Philharmonic Band Leader
The Main Street Philharmonic Bass Drummer (Mouse on the Mind)
The Philharmonic’s bass drummer is a little enthusiastic
Citizen of Scare Street (Mouse on the Mind)q
She looks like Miss Hildegard Olivia Harding
Mayor Weavercrow of Main Street (Mouse on the Mind)
Mayor Weavercrow of Main Street
Mayor's Mickey Pocket Watch (Mouse on the Mind)
Mayor’s Mickey Pocket Watch

Which Scarecrow of Main Street is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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