Saturday Something: Doctor Who?

We’ve gotten pretty nerdy here at Mouse on the Mind …

I’ve admitted my obsession with Game of Thrones as well as my love of Harry Potter, and I splashed my preoccupation with all things Nerdist across the homepage a couple of different times (with many more to come).

And if there was any doubt, you really only have to look at these photos of me looking totally nerd-tastic in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But today we’re taking it to a new level, as I reveal my total love of Doctor Who.

I recently enjoyed the Christmas 2012 episode of Doctor Who, The Snowmen, and there was something I couldn’t wait to share with you.

Allonsy, Whovians: Let’s geek out about how amazing the new companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara Oswald) in the comments below!! Because what’s really of interest to most Disney-loving readers was a graphic that flashed across the screen super briefly in the first few moments of the episode:

Rose and Crown - Doctor Who
The Rose and Crown Pub

That’s right: The Doctor’s newest companion is a barmaid in the Rose and Crown (in addition to being a nanny … and a totally adorable bad ass). Obviously, the sign looks nothing like the one in Epcot. And I’m sure there are 50 bazillion Rose and Crown Pubs in the real and fictional universe. But the name of the place equals major points for Clara, and a little Disney thrill for me!

Are you a huge Who fan, too?? What did you think of Clara? Let us know in the comments below! 

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