Saturday Something: Walt Disney World

11094475_960614487291520_2058141737_nI started this series of Saturday morning posts as a place where I could quickly geek out over something I totally love–hence the name of the series. Well, today’s “thing I love” is Disney World.  I love it. Everything about it. And I am so so so happy to report that I’m there. Here! Today! Celebrating my brother-in-law’s impending graduation from Pharm School and … well, life!

I’m only in town for a very few short days. In fact, I’ll be back at my desk by this time on Wednesday. But until then, I hope you’ll follow my adventures on Instagram … and since I am terrible at updating when I’m enjoying the moment, you might want to follow my beau At Disney Again, as well. He updates much more regularly.

Happy weekend!

What are you looking forward to seeing and doing on your next trip? Sound off in the comments.