Saturday Something: Upcycled Ears

I love Mouse Ears. Like. Really, really love them. I love when new styles (like the fascinators that came out two years ago) and designs (like the recent poison apple Halloween ears) come out. And that’s why I am totally blown away by the original designs being created by Jen at RecyclEARS.

I originally found her shop on etsy awhile back, and I’ve been following her designs with interest … although I haven’t bought a pair yet.

She has a series of tried-and-true designs you can choose from, as well as an array of sketches that she’s working on but hasn’t necessarily built yet (so you can get that Frozen-inspired ear hat your daughter needs before your next trip … although the Ghostbusters hat is amaaaaahzing). But she’ll design and make pretty much anything you can imagine.

Since I’m not the most creative mind ever, I took a look at her pre-existing designs. Here are my four favorite designs:

Of the four, I really can’t decide which I like best … although if you made me pick, I think I’d have to say Mary Poppins! If you buy a pair, let me know. And send a photo of you wearing it.

Which is YOUR favorite RecyclEARS design? Let us know in the comments!

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