Saturday Something: This Little Piggy

Great Piggy Bank Adventure (Mouse on the Mind)One of my favorite (unironically, I swear!) EPCOT things is The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. If you’ve never played, I’d suggest heading over to the west side of Future World (that’s where The Land is), hitting up Innoventions and giving it a try.

There’s just something so fun about it … I mean, it literally takes simple, adult concepts (that maybe I still haven’t totally grasped) and makes them so. much. fun!! Normally, I’d rather eat glass than pay bills or think about saving for vacation. But with that pink plastic piggy in my hands, it suddenly becomes a super fun game.

I’ve always wanted one of those piggies … but I could never quite figure out how to steal one without landing myself in Mickey Prison. And the Cast Members always insist that they’re SO NOT for sale. I have been piggieless and sad since the first time I played in 2010.

But soon I will be piggless no more! Recently, T. Rowe Price, makers and sponsors of the EPCOT game and its online counterpart, released a piggie bank version of the cutest pig on property. And, of course, the best boyfriend ever immediately bought one for me.

Great Piggy Bank Adventure (T. Rowe Price)

It’s not exactly the same as the game version, but it is damn cute, and I can’t wait until it arrives so I can start hogging all of my pennies for Disney.

What’s your favorite Innoventions attraction?? Tell us in the comments below!

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