Saturday Something: Thirsty River Bar

I’m so happy that this is here and open. Honestly, I’ve been a little worried about what’s going to become of the FastPass kiosks since we made the switch over to FastPass+. Dead, empty spaces. Terrible. So I was really thrilled when we found out that the Expedition Everest kiosk area would become a bar.

And what a bar it is, complete with pre-made sushi and sandwiches, pastries and frozen treats. And alcohol concoctions, of course.

thirsty-river-bar-028 thirsty-river-bar-037

But this isn’t a review. It’s just a quick outpouring of love for the cool little details that are all around the little hole-in-the-wall bar. Like these amazing ads:

And these super duper cool details:

And everything about it! So details! So cute! So love for DAK!

What’s your favorite drink at the Thirsty River Bar?? Tell meeeeee!!