Saturday Something: The Evil Twos

We’re all heard of the Terrible Twos, but now Disney has made it possible for the tiny people in our lives to experience the Evil Twos.

Which is a thing I just made up in honor of Maleficent, which premieres next Friday, and the awesome clothing line launched by Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney in conjunction with the most exciting film of the year.

No, really:

Do you see that?!? One of those kids is wearing OGRE EARS. I have no idea what ogres have to do with Aurora or Prince Phillip or anyone else in Sleeping Beauty … but they’re pretty damn cool.

Actually, the whole line is pretty damn cool. According to all of the PR about the line the pieces include, “princess dresses, sandals, T-shirts and sneakers for boys and girls ages four to 14.” Oh, and they cost WAY MORE than you should spend on a top for a grubby little kid. (Just sayin.)

Despite that, I pretty much couldn’t dig it any more if I tried. If I ever had a kid, I’d want her to be as bad ass as that powerful little red head … or as angelic as the cutie in the blue (PINK! BLUE!) dress.

Buuuuut I don’t. So I’ll have to settle for ogling these adorbs designs and getting totally pumped for Maleficent.

Which of these designs do you like best?! Let us know in the comments below!