Saturday Something: Stay Woke

Bright This morning, as this post went live, I was escorting patients from their cars into the local women’s clinic because–outside of the doctors’ office–men and women with bullhorns and disgusting signs were trying to shame them for seeking medical care.

Some of these women are getting abortions, it’s true, but a good portion of them are also getting pap smears, annual exams, tubal sterilization or even giving birth to stillborn babies … and the protesters (although I prefer to think of them as bullies) simply don’t care who these women are or why they are there or even that they’re well within their rights to seek healthcare. They’re causing a scene, making people uncomfortable and spewing hatred.

I won’t stand for it. And I have a feeling the artist who designed today’s Saturday Something wouldn’t either.

The artist’s name is Amanda Allen Niday, and she sells her amazing art prints on Society6. And she’s pretty cool. This is what she told Teen Vogue about her drawings:

I didn’t want to put words into their mouths. I believed their narratives of overcoming struggles was powerful enough without me trying to force something else on them. I chose quotes from their movies, mostly spoken by the heroine herself, and tried to pick moments that would allude to their story as whole, had deeper meaning within the movie, or referenced modern issues.

Well said! And well drawn!! I love so much how they’re young, modern women–not set in the time of their film.

Many, many thanks to Amanda for sharing these with the world. Like them as much as I do? Make sure you consider buying a print, cellphone case or tee shirt on Society6.

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