Saturday Something: Star Wars Sweets

SW-icecreamTwo weeks from now, I’ll be waking up to a Twitter-full of Star Wars excitement. And maybe popping open a pint of ice cream … because Star Wars ice cream is a thing. And we all need to grab a spoon and dig in.

Here’s the details: Brooklyn’s Ample Hills Creamery has teamed up with Disney to create The Dark Side (dark chocolate with espresso brownies and white chocolate pearls) and The Light Side (marshmallow ice cream with chocolate and vanilla crispies).

And lest you worry that these are lesser ice creams, you should know that Ample Hills creates the #1 best-tasting ice cream in New York City according to Zagat. So you know it’s serious. Even better: The pints are plastic and reusable.

These delicious treats are $36 for four pints, and they’re only available online at If that seems a little pricey, just note one thing: There’s no Disney tax here. This is the same cost as their standard flavors–and the regular containers aren’t reusable. So I’m really looking forward to trying them …

Which flavor are you–Light Side or Dark Side?? Let us know in the comments! 

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