Saturday Something: Popcorn of the Future

Melissa usually does these posts about things she loves at the Parks. So I thought I would try one.

The first thing I love is:

Future World Popcorn Cart (At Disney Again)

The campiest, most retro-futuristic, incredibly dated yet incredibly timeless popcorn cart on property.

It’s the popcorn cart of the future – today!

If your back is to the Imagination Pavilion, you will see it. The whole area sells pretzels, sodas, and the usual Mickeyfare, but the popcorn cart… the popcorn cart is what matters.

Currently, there are two carts parked next to it – a boring, rolling soda/ice cream cart and a semi-permanent pretzel booth – but this 1980s-futuristic booth is permanent. That means this little vestige of the days when the reflecting pools had blue bottoms may be around for quite some time.

And I love it!

What do you think of the retro popcorn cart in Future World? Let us know! 

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