Saturday Something: Petcot

George (At Disney Again)When I moved in with Melissa, I didn’t just gain a lovely housemate. I also adopted the cutest dog ever.

At first, I didn’t like small dogs and this small dog didn’t seem to care for me. He ignored me for a bit, and finally warmed up to me as I warmed up to the idea of small dogs being alright.

George and I are now couch potatoes as I edit photos and apply for jobs every day (he chooses The Price is Right and How I Met Your Mother as background entertainment for these tasks).

Recently, while Melissa was at work, I took a break from my day to take George to PETCO, where he proceeded to rob me blind by acting like EVERY. SINGLE. THING. in the store was a must-have.

As he was out-cute-ing every other dog in the tri-state area, I thought we’d narrowed him down to a squeaky owl toy. And then we passed the Star Wars display. And George decided that the Chewbacca chew toy (WHY is it not called Chewybacca?!) was the one for him, quickly casting the squeaky owl aside. Beyond Chewbacca, there were lots of options:

I am shocked–although I shouldn’t be–at how effectively Disney has cashed in on the puppy-loving Star Wars fan.

Here’s George holding down his half of the sofa as I apply for jobs and binge-watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix:

Does your pet have any Disney swag? Let us know in the comments!

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