Saturday Something: Papercraft

I’m not the craftiest person on the planet. But I am getting craftier every day. Take my Paper Glowbots, for example. And if you follow At Disney Again and me on Instagram, you know I’ve started making bath bombs lately, too.

One thing I know for sure, I am never going to be as talented as Brittney Lee, a silly-talented visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

I first became aware of Brittney and her incredible talent when I saw this:

Brittney created this incredible piece of papercraft in 2010 for a charity auction (you can read about it here), and I was gobsmacked, immediately and completely. That’s all paper and canvas and scissors and glue, people. It’s incredible.

Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye on Brittney’s blog. Because all of her work is breathtakingly amazing, and my sincere hope is to one day see one of her works in person at the Wonderland Gallery at Disneyland.

But since I won’t be making the trek to Disneyland any time soon, my sincerest wish is that you, dear reader, will check out Brittney’s work and maybe even stop in to see some of it in person if you make it to Disneyland. Or if, like me, the closest you’ll get is on a computer screen, make sure to follow Brittney’s Instagram and her Etsy store.

Do you love Brittney’s work? How much? Tell me about it in the comments below!