Saturday Something: Obligatory Frozen Reference

Do you want to build a Homer? Or magic an ice castle on the lawn?

The 2014 Simpsons Holiday Couch Gag (predictably?) features a reference to the most popular film of alllll tiiiiimmmmmeeee, Frozen. I don’t want to spoil its greatness, so just watch:

Your Frozen cast: Homer as Olaf, Santa’s Little Helper as Sven, Bart as Kristoff, Lisa as Elsa, Marge as Anna and Maggie as an adorable little troll. Cute!!

Anther delightful change to last year’s ho-ho-holiday intro: Krusty’s family eating Chinese … with Joan Rivers’ ghost! Amazing.

What’s your favorite reference in this adorable nod to Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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