Saturday Something: Merchandise!

I’ve never been much of a souvenir person. A sweatshirt here. A fancy ear hat there. But for the most part, I buy a couple of tee shirts every year and call my Disney dollars spent.

But lately, I’ve been totally bowled over by some of the amazing merchandise I’ve been seeing in the Parks, and I’ve been collecting photos over the past three months to share! First up, a couple of super cute ladies tops:

There’re both cute but also extremely comfortable, made of that deliciously soft tee-shirt material that Disney doesn’t use nearly enough of. Not fancy enough for you? How’s this …

I could totally see myself slipping into that adorable Minnie dress for a fancy night out on the town. But it’s not like the ladies get alllllll of the fun:

Well, we do get most of the fun. Check out these super cute new takes on the classic Mickey Ear Hat:

But it’s not all classic … the super cute merch includes some adorable accessories for women. Like these:

Cast members told me that people are going nutty over those new charm bracelets (there’s a Mickey version, too), and I just love love love the retro flair of the rainbow wallet. It would look amazing in this super sweet Evil Stepmother bag:

The other side of the Harveys bag features Cinderella–it’s part of a series of Good/Evil totes featuring the princesses and their nemeses. Of course, if that scary step mother gives you nightmares, you’re going to need something to cuddle up with at night …

Super cute … and slightly disturbing …

What’s the best slice of Disney merch heaven that you’ve spotted in the Park recently? Let us know in the comments or tweet @mouseonthemind!

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