Saturday Something: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Confession: My nerd card was all filled up when Hamilton came out. I haven’t seen it. Haven’t pined for it. Haven’t heard a single song. I just can’t get excited about a thing I am not able to (and likely can’t afford to) get tickets to. (Also: I’m team Thomas Jefferson … rarely politically, but almost always philosophically. TJ is very much my boy.)

But! I am not a cultural dullard–I’m aware of Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’ve heard him speak on podcasts, I know he was nominated for 16 Tonys, and I loved his touching tribute with Jennifer Lopez following the Orlando shooting in July. He’s cool by me. And I am super looking forward to seeing (erm … hearing) his work for the first time when Moana comes out later this year.

But it turns out, I don’t have to wait until November to see Lin-Manuel team up with Disney because he took over the company’s Instagram account last week, and he posted some amazballs videos! I am only going to share two here …

One Jump Ahead, from Aladdin


A video posted by Walt Disney Animation Studios (@disneyanimation) on

Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast

And from another angle …

So. So. Fun. Okay, so maybe I’ve missed the Hamilton bandwagon, but I am definitely totally on board the Lin-Disney bandwagon. This is actually starting to make me excited for the new Mary Poppins

Tell me truly: Do YOU love Hamilton? And are you looking forward to Moana? I must know! 

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