Saturday Something: Left To Our Own Devices

Okay, so this isn’t about Disney per say, but it is something I absolutely absolutely L O V E!

New FAA Policy

Thanks to a new FAA policy,  personal electronic devices are now able to be used through all phases of any JetBlue flight, gate-to-gate. And any Delta flight. And pretty much any other flight on any other airline you’re relying on to transport you to the Mouse.

I had questions about what would and wouldn’t be allowed, so I did some digging, and here’s what you need to know:

Personal electronic devices are allowed to be on at all times, but cellular functionality will only be allowed on the ground. Using airplane mode throughout the flight is a-okay.

When they say personal electronic devices, they mean tablets, e-readers, handheld computers and other small electronics that weight approximately 2 pounds. Laptops, DVD players and similar gadgets are still legally required to be stowed during take off and landing.

While you’ll be encouraged to put your device down during the safety lecture, it will no longer be required.

This rule only works when you’re in US airspace. Over international waters and during international take off and landing, your electronics must be powered down and stowed.

I also learned something rather interesting: e-cigarettes aren’t allowed on any flights ever.

Pretty cool, huh? I am looking forward to listening to podcasts throughout take off. What are you looking forward to now that the FAA has lifted regulations against hand-held electronics? Let us know in the comments below.