Saturday Something: Joy

That feeling of child-like happiness that takes over your whole body as you’re wracked with a giggle fit that seems like it will never end … what’s not to love? This week, Candace Payne showed us what true joy looks like in a viral video that broke the record for Facebook Live views and is working its way toward a few YouTube records, as well.

You’ve probably seen this on the morning news or on Facebook at some point this week, but just in case, here it is:

Sometimes it can seem like a deep, hard belly laugh is difficult to come by, but the truth is, you can find joy in just about anything if you open your mind and heart to happiness. And I love that.

What’s been your favorite moment of Candace Payne’s 15 minutes of fame? (I loved it when she saw JJ Abrams!) Let us know in the comments!!