Saturday Something: Imaginary Worlds

1200x630bfIt probably comes as no surprise that I love podcasts. Not Disney podcasts, mind you … in fact, I don’t listen to any Disney-related podcasts regularly. But according to my podcast app, I subscribe to 33 podcasts. (Wow. That’s a lot.)

One of my newest favorites is Eric Molinsky‘s Imaginary Worlds. Episodes are typically 15-25 minutes and use

a narrative journalism style to explore the worlds of science fiction and fantasy in pop culture. It’s fascinating on its own, but I bring it before you today because there have been several episodes focusing on Disney-related content that are truly superb.

I’d like to first call your attention to When Human Met Creature, a tight story about puppets, Muppets and how computer animation has changed the way we see and interact with them (for better or worse). In Defense of Captain Hook explores Peter Pan Syndrome and how our feelings about the character have changed through the decades.

Slave Leia, a more recent episode, takes a smart and multi-faceted look at Carrie Fisher’s most-famous costume through a variety of lenses. Actually, a whole spate of recent episodes are focused, unsurprisingly but quite interestingly, on Star Wars. They’re all–even the non-Disney episodes–worth listening to.

(Unrelated sidenote: I have a total professional crush on Molinsky. Not only is he an awesome reporter and storyteller, but he’s also an amazing artist–the drawings featured here are those he created as art for the podcast, and he has a whole blog loaded with sketches he’s made on the subway … brilliant.)

Do you have a favorite podcast? Tell me about it in the comments below, please!