Saturday Something: Go Joe!

I remember the first time I saw them: I was with my ex-husband, and we had just met Woody and Buzz Lightyear. We were both a little giddy. And at first I thought they were statues. I saw people lining up to get a photo with them. And I thought they were statues. And then one of them walked over to me. And I let out a yelp that perfectly expressed my surprise and joy.

The Green Army Men were real.

They are real. And they’re one of my all-time favorite Disney things.

The perfect at-home reminders of these super cool dudes? Yoga Joes! They combine the happy hit of pleasure that is the Green Army Men along with the added amusement of inappropriate yoga and the subtle message of non-violence and peace.


I’d love to line these up on my desk. Give them to friends for their desks. Hide them in plain sight to surprise and delight the people I love. They make me happy.

Do you love these cuties? Let me know what you think in the comments!