Saturday Something: Gi-Tar Dan

This might be my favorite thing I’ve ever posted on Mouse on the Mind.

A little back story: Most of you know that Dan from At Disney Again has been trying to find a job in New Jersey so that we can start cohabiting and put an end to this long-distance romance. Well, that journey is finally coming to an end this weekend. Right now, as this post goes live, I am flying down to Florida to help him pack up the last of his things so we can drive up to our apartment in New Jersey and kick off the holidays with the best Christmas gift ever. (Each other!)

As all of these plans were in motion, we happened to visit Rafiki’s Planet Watch (for some hot, wall carpet action), and we were surprised and absolutely delighted to see Gi-Tar Dan. For those of you who don’t know, Dan is a roving troubadour who used to perform in Camp Minnie-Mickey. I guess, when that part of the Park closed, we just assumed he’d gone the way of Mo’Rockin.

Anyway, there he was, and we were thrilled to see him. And he was thrilled to see guests who were thrilled to see him. So we got to talking, and when he heard our exciting, cross-country love story was coming to a happy ending, he wrote this song for us:

How much do you love that?! It’s so sweet and so perfect. And I’m really glad to finally share it with you all as Dan and I ride off toward our happily ever after.

Has Gi-Tar Dan ever created a song for you? Let us know about it in the comments below–and post a link if have one!

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