Saturday Something: Finding Gerald

For me, the breakout characters from Finding Nemo were those delightfully trollish seagulls, Mine! Mine! Mine-ing their way through the movie, and making me laugh every time.

Finding Nemo

This year, when Finding Dory came out, I was so so happy to see the gulls make an appearance in the blue tang’s sequel … but the new breakout, never-failed-to-make-me-laugh character of the movie was Gerald!

Finding Dory

So I was so in looooooove with the new Finding Gerald Instagram account … I’ve been following his adventures all over Orlando.

I don’t know who’s controlling this account, but it makes me so happy. And I sincerely hope that someday, Gerald finds himself a home on the rocks outside of The Seas … and stuffed Gerald poses for a selfie with him.

Do you have a favorite parody Instagram account? Tell me about it in the comments!!