Saturday Something: Figment’s Royal Pigment

On Wednesday afternoon, something wonderful happened: Dan & I came home from work to a box on our doorstep … and inside were two beautiful, purple Magic Bands!

Purple Magic Bands (At Disney Again)
I should have gone with Adrina or Alana, who are Ariel’s sisters with purple tails, but I do so love the name Arista even if she is sort of an airhead! And, of course, Dan’s is Figment!

I know!! The elusive purple Magic Bands–the ones that were in all the promo materials for MyMagic+ but never materialized for guests … and then appeared as a for-sale-only option in the Parks–are finally available for order as part of your upcoming on-property Disney vacation!

And the cool hue isn’t the only thing new about these Bands: Though they look much the same …

… all of the new Bands (not just the purple Bands) are different in a few key ways!

According to folks who work for The Mouse, the new Bands are slightly thinner and less bulky, which means they’re also a little more flexible and much more comfortable to wear. And according to one intrepid Disney fan, the new Bands also weigh 5 grams lighter (which doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re talking about wearing something on your wrist, it makes a big difference)! I also think the material feels smoother, but that’s unconfirmed.

I love all of these things! And I can’t wait to wear my new, skinny Band on my upcoming trip.

Are you excited about thinner Magic Bands? How about purple Magic Bands? Let us know in the comments!