Saturday Something: Eater

Eater-WDWWe’ve all obsessively visited Disney Food Blog. A Disney blog by fans, for fans? What’s not to love!? But sometimes it’s nice to get an outsider’s opinion on all-things Disney, especially when it comes to something as personal and situational as taste and dining. That’s where Eater comes in.

For those of us who live in major cities, Eater is a great site for all-things food and eating. And for those of us who travel to Disney World, they have a great sub-site for all things Disney. Written by three of the site’s editors, they covered everything from the most posh spots to eat to the best places to get a delish drink and really everything in between. (And you know this shit is legit because they actually interviewed AJ from DFB as part of their coverage!)

I really do love this mini-site because it allows me to look at a place I love with fresh eyes and new thinking. Also? It appeals to the organization-happy traveler in me. I mean, where else can you find a listing of the closest alcoholic beverage to each and every attraction?

Answer: Probably no where.

Have you checked out the Eater Guide to WDW? Let us know what you think!