Saturday Something: DVC Availability

I am a proud DVC member. I love it. Totally totally love it. I can go to WDW when I want to and know that I almost always have a place to rest my head. (Almost! Sometimes, like around Thanksgiving and Christmas, last-minute trips are basically impossible.)

One thing I don’t love about DVC: booking. Yes, I can get on the phone and book. Actually, the folks who answer the DVC reservations line are exceedingly knowledgeable and helpful. But they basically make reservations in the same system that we do … so it just seems more expedient to do it myself.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that the online system is a beast. You can search ONE thing at a time. A studio at Kidani Village, for example. Once you tell the system that’s what you’re interested in, it tells you whether that’s available. That’s it. If you want to know if there’s a studio available anywhere on the monorail loop, for example, you have to search three times.

It. Is. So. Frustrating.

But recently, Disney unveiled a new DVC Availability Checker. It is pretty much the best thing ever.

DVC Availability Tool (Mouse on the Mind)

As you can see up there, the tool allows you to see what’s open. It does not let you book. You have to do that in a new window with the Booking Tool. I mean, ideally, there’d be a single system that can do both, but for now, this is a step in the right direction.


DVC Availability Tool (Mouse on the Mind)

The tool lets you select specific resorts. Here, I opted to check off all of the DVC resorts on Disney property. Because, as you can see, I was looking around Thanksgiving. I also decided to search for both studio and 1-bedroom villas to increase my chances of finding something open.


DVC Availability Tool (Mouse on the Mind)

As you can see, literally the only thing available for that weekend was a 1-bedroom villa at Kidani. Also, there’s “limited availability,” which means that there isn’t an empty room for the entirety of my stay.


DVC Availability Tool (Mouse on the Mind)

When I went over to the Booking Tool, this is what I found: only one of the two nights is available. Blergh.

It would be nice if the Checker was able to tell me specifically which nights are available, but for now, this cuts my searching-for-availability time in half. And that is something I love.

Have you ever used the Checker? Let us know how you did in the comments below. 

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