Saturday Something: C-3GPS

C-3POGPS - WazeDan and I have been having the same debate for years: Google Maps? Or Apple Maps? And since he got his new car last winter, there’s a third option: His car GPS, which has a sexy sexy bedroom voice that all of our friends just love. You can literally put the same destination into all three, and all three will offer a different route. Personally, I’m all about Google Maps. But, like I said, it’s a debate.

One thing that could end the debate: C-3PO.

Back in November, just before The Force Awakens hit screens, Waze (the “social” navigation app that was bought up by Google in 2013) rolled out a C-3PO voice option. So you could get your directions from a worry-prone robot made from spare parts.

I say could because Disney killed the licensing deal a few weeks ago, and fans are going crazy trying to figure out how to get it back. If anyone has any details about how to make it work again, let me know … because it sure would be nice to put an end to our endless debate for good.

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