Delicious Disney: A Review of Remy By Someone Who Didn’t Eat There

Recently, I reviewed my experience at Remy from my 2015 sailing on the Disney Dream, and while I was writing it up, I was chatting with Hannah about how. many. courses. there were, and how much food we ate, and how I could barely remember what it all even was. Hannah, as this title suggests, has never been to Remy. So she–very hilariously–started telling me all about the different things I ate. And it sort of devolved from there. Into this: 

A few weeks ago, my good friends, Melissa and Dan, reviewed their meal at Remy aboard the Disney Dream.  While I have cruised on the Disney Magic before, and even enjoyed a meal at Palo once, I have not yet had the opportunity to dine at Remy.  Nevertheless, this will not stop me from providing you with my own review of this unique dining establishment.

Remy is a sophisticated, French-style restaurant, so, as one might expect, it is decorated extensively with Troll dolls.  The arched ceiling displays a Sistine-chapel style mural of middle school teachers.

The dress code is disco casual.  I was a little apprehensive about how my grass skirt and coconut bra would fit in for dinner, but when paired with my Ugg boots, I felt totally comfortable.  Halfway through the meal, I expressed to my waiter, Javier, that I was a bit cold, so he kindly offered me an astronaut helmet for warmth.  For the rest of the meal, Javier fed me through the window in the helmet like a baby bird.  It felt very fancy!

As soon as we were whisked to our table (a repurposed ironing board), Javier presented us with the wine list and an amuse bouche.  The amuse bouche consisted of three gummy worms, nestled gently in a light bearnaise sauce and sprinkled with just a hint of paprika.  Refreshing!


After ordering our meals and a bottle of pinot Kool Aid from the wine list, I dipped into the bread basket, which offered warm asparagus rolls and a used coffee grounds olive oil spread. 

For my appetizer, I got a mini goat cheese pumpkin pie that had been stared at resentfully by three teenagers at the mall.  The tartness of the cheese nicely balanced out the saltiness of the stares the pie had received.  My dining companion ordered an oyster sashimi appetizer with a side of pot pourri, and said she really enjoyed the pot pourri but felt the oyster was too incredulous for her tastes.

The entrees came out at the perfect time (after our desserts and coffees).  I loved my spicy parpadelle pasta with a creamy rocky road sauce.  So filling!  My companion had a 1 oz filet mignon, cooked so perfectly well done that we couldn’t tell if it was steak or a charcoal briquette!  It came with a generous side of mashed chocolate frosting and a belated thank you note from a wedding gift you had sent four years ago.  

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Of course, before the entrees, we enjoyed our desserts and coffee.  As with all Disney restaurants, if you don’t order the “trio”, you are banned from all Disney properties, so while Javier hovered threateningly, we shared the dessert trio consisting of half a slice of cold pizza, a paper clip creme brulee, and that feeling you wake up from a nightmare but can’t remember anything about it.  

All in all, I highly recommend trying Remy if you are lucky enough to cruise DCL, and I look forward to trying it myself some day!

Yum! Next time I have to make sure to order the paperclip creme brulee!