Saturday Something: A Mess In The Mess

There’s so much to see and experience at Skipper Canteen that I’ve written about the space four times and I still haven’t gotten to one of my favorite details: The staff bulletin board!!


There are different iterations of this type of display at several different eateries and attractions around Disney World (you may remember one added to the Jungle Cruise queue around the holidays), but this one is pretty fantastic, so I wanted to take a minute to call it out.

Found: Dog, brown spots, sharp teeth, loves to laugh
Talking pictures night: Cancelled due to missing reel, projector and projectionist
Unclaimed luggage sale: Thursday at the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Open auditions for the Enchanted Tiki Room
Proper Patti’s Piranha Petting Pool – closed until further notice


Urgent notice:  Due to inclement weather, tomorrow’s presentation of “How to Waterproof Your Vessel” has been rained out. We apologize for the inconvenience.

IMG_6254 - Version 2

We are sorry to announce that the lecture by famed archaeologist Henry Jones, Jr. has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Jones wherever he may be.


Free kittens to a good home
Adorable, playful kittens have pretty stripes and are quite large.
Contact the shipping office and take one home today! Please!!

Miracle Boat Engine Company
“If it gets you thru the jungle, it’s got to be a miracle!”
Conveniently located 3 miles outside town (Down Quicksand Trail past Tiger Creek at the top of Sun Blister Hill)

IMG_6264Schweitzer Follies Callback List
All callbacks will be held in Room 1071 between 6pm – 10pm on Tuesday, March 22, 1938. Please arrive 10 minutes before your callback time.


Poetry Club meets Monday after the sun sets. Much fun to be had.


It was hard to make out the writing on them all, but you can give it a shot, if you want. Just click to embiggen (or visit At Disney Again to see them EVEN BIGGER):

Such a very cool detail and tells the story of the Skippers who used this as their home base!! Tell me your favorite thing about Skipper Canteen in the comments! 

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