Saturday Something: Disney Hipsters Chatting

Disney Hipsters PodcastYou’ve probably heard about this, but just in case: The Disney Hipsters have a podcast. And it is awesome.

Ever wonder what a Disney Hipster is? The guys outline their definition in episode 1. As it turns out, I am a Disney Hipster, too … I just don’t wear skinny jeans.

Episode 2 has the best line ever: “We have the blessing of size, and so we’re just not going to build anything.” Poor Cinderella Castle takes a beating, but in the best way.

In episode 3, they answered my reader question about their origin story, and how cute are they?! Answer: cuter than a puppy-shaped button.

Around 36 minutes into episode 4, they become complete snark monsters re: strollers in the Magic Kingdom. I laughed so hard, I literally had tears rolling down my face.

I resist podcasts with every fiber of my being (I can’t just sit still and listen and my drive to work isn’t long enough for a podcast), but I love these dudes. You will, too.

Listen on iTunes or via PodBean.

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