Weekly Round Up: September 4

Tomorrowland rendering (Mouse on the Mind)Happy (Slightly Belated) Labor Day! Though I didn’t get a day off, I did quite enjoy the Disney Hipsters’ salute to hard-working Disney characters. Thank you for the laugh, boys!

As you read this, I’m throwing a few final items into my duffle bag and getting ready to head down to Disney for a long weekend. Part of that weekend?  DAPPER DAY!

Rob and I have packed some of our fanciest duds in preparation. But if you can’t join us to dress up for an evening in the Parks, I hope you’ll enter our tee-shirt giveaway!

Us … Elsewhere
Tracy does some urban hiking … and finds it to be harder than she’d anticipated.

Get Dapper
In honor of the Dapper festivities, we’re dressing up for success.

The Best Friends strap on some Disney-inspired shoes, created by DSW. And your toes lived happily ever after!

Over on This Happy Place Blog, Estelle’s curating a fashionable countdown, featuring fantasy outfits styled by fellow Disney fans

Munching our way around The World is the Disney blogger way … 

AJ of Disney Food Blog enjoyed the amazing nutella waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. Yuuuuummmmm …

The Hipsters gave me heartache when they revealed some food facts about Living with the Land.

Sarah has a delicious giveaway happening on Running at Disney.

Use your little noggin and look around the Parks for some fascinating treats!

Ryan shares nods to Beastly Kingdom on Main Street Gazette.

Ever stayed at Saratoga Spring Resort? The folks at Spins the World share some fascinating facts about the real Saratoga Springs in my home state of New York!

Be Merry
Disney’s all about having fun and making memories. Smile along with us. 

Bill McDaniel shared an absolutely heartwarming story on The Disney Driven Life.

I love this totally fun tongue tattoos from Mickey Fix. 

Silly Whims (aka Morgan) shared Figment’s preparations for Epcot’s 30 Birthday!

Visit Disleelandia and chalk this post up as fun!! It’s just ducky!

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!