Weekly Round Up: September 30

Melissa and Jazzy (At Disney Again)What’s up, Internet? Not much over here. I’m still in a haze of baby love. Here’s me with Aubrey’s sister, getting sweet, sweet puppy kisses. There were sweet, sweet baby cuddles, too … some of them while she was dressed in her Minnie Mouse Halloween costume for a photo shoot, but those are to come later.

Not too much Disney-stuff going on right now. I did have a delicious Disney-adjacent birthday lunch at Earl of Sandwich in NYC, so that was super fun. And I started flirting with the idea of beginning to think about my Disney Cruise Line adventure with Dan from At Disney Again next summer. Eeeek! Yea. I’m starting to get excited. And I’ll definitely be writing about it.

Coming up the rest of this week, Dan and I are finally sharing those photos from the La Cava event at Rix Lounge. Plus some shopping, a tribute to one of my favorite breakfast spots in Disney World and a new Disney.com feature that I totally love.

What are you up to?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Andrew of Disney Hipster Blog shares a treasured tradition from the Magic Kingdom. (Just bring the antacids!)

Estelle connects Cinderella with The Muppets (and a date with me!) on This Happy Place Blog.

David, the thoughtful voice of futureprobe, reconsiders EPCOT and brainstorms about its future.

Natalie decorated her Magic Bands, and they’re just too cute! See for yourself on That Dis Family.

Nicole, who lives her life Sparkly Ever After, bids a fond-ish farewell to Studio Backlot Tour.

Leah makes an absolutely awesome point about Disney’s animated films on The Magical World Of.

Ryan, who publishes Main Street Gazette, shares a photo from Magic Kingdom’s first birthday. How sweet!

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!