Weekly Round Up: September 29

EPCOT (At Disney Again)Not too much exciting to report … This past weekend, we helped my family run a garage sale out on Long Island. But otherwise it’s been pretty quiet. Except for the part where I was 50 feet away from the Pope in Central Park. And, also, that I turned 32. (Whoa.)

Not too much in Disney news this week. Although I did see the latest Good Dinosaur trailer, and I have to say … meh. I get less and less excited for this one the more of it I see. What are you thinking about The Good Dinosaur? (I’m totally more excited for Pan.)

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Becky, who wants to add a little Disney In Your Day, put together a round up of pretty cool DIY Disney Halloween costumes.

The guys ate their way around EPCOT Center and told their tale on Disney Hipster Blog.

On Plus the Magic, KJ did a little Disney shopping at a local garage sale.

Ryan, who edits Main Street Gazette, munched on some specialty fries in the Magic Kingdom.

shane will change the way you look at Disney’s stage shows. All you have to do is read Parkeology.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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