Weekly Round Up: September 25

2012 Epcot Food and Wine Florida Local Booth
Florida Local Booth

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today, I’m 29 years old, just one year younger than EPCOT Center. And today I’m counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until I can get to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow to celebrate with a glass of Key Limen Wine (my favorite!) from the Florida Local Booth.

If you’ll be in Epcot this weekend, leave a comment below or tweet me @MouseontheMind! I’m totally psyched about seeing so many (new and old friends). (And if you see “Selgapalooza” blazoned across someone’s back at any point this weekend, stop by and say ‘hi!’)

If you won’t be in town for the main event, follow me @MouseontheMind on twitter or @msorrellsgalley on Instagram. I’ll be live tweeting and posting photos as long as my phone’s battery holds out!

Us … Elsewhere
In case you missed it, I reviewed a free experience at Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar on Disney Food Blog.

Tracy covered fine dining in Montreal.

The Disney Blues
Many of my best Disney blogger friends are singing the Disney Blues this week. Here are some of the biggest hits:

  • Half of the Best Friends (Karen, specifically) throws a mini-pity party while the other half (Lady D) is in The World.
  • The Hipsters made a positively adorable trip countdown chain. Their list is great … especially the cheese plates!! And lunch at Liberty Tree!
  • Estelle at This Happy Place Blog uses some good old retail therapy to stem her Epcot Blues.

What We’re Reading
FoxxFur posted another amazing essay on Passport to Dreams. Her analysis of the new Storybook Circus is so spot on and gets to the heart of why I love this area so much.

Sarah of Eating WDW taste-tested corn fritter nuggets at the Boardwalk. Guess we know what I’ll be eating this weekend! Birthday fritters!

Ever wonder what’s really going on inside that giant golf ball? Suzannah toured the Siemens Lounge inside Spaceship Earth and shared her experience on Zannaland.

The folks at BuzzFeed’s Wine and Cheese Crowd are pitting show against show in an ultimate battle to determine the best Disney show from the 1990s.

Mickey’s New Neighbor Kathy wrote a great post about the purpose of the Parks. Hint: it’s okay to act like a kid!

They’re all illiterate here: Parkeology on Spaceship Earth.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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