Weekly Round Up: September 11

Maurice’s Cottage, New Fantasyland (Mouse on the Mind)
Maurice’s Cottage in New Fantasyland

Good morning, Mouse fans! I’m writing this very. very. early in the morning in the terminal at MCO. It’s bitter sweet: I’m sad to be leaving my happy place, but I have so many many many wonderful things to share with you all in the coming weeks!

I’m wrapping up four really amazing days at Walt Disney World with my husband, and I think the best part of my whole long weekend was hanging out with my wonderful Orlando-area friends.

But getting a preview of Belle and Maurice’s cottage ranks pretty high up there with some of the most awe-inspiring Disney moments of my life. I’ll be sharing lots of details–including how YOU can get a preview if you’re visiting the Parks any time soon–in the coming days, so follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Until then, what are you looking forward to in New Fantasyland??

Us … Elsewhere
On Suitcase Scholar, Tracy wrote about specialty eateries aboard Norwegian Cruise Line and shares a nightlife option for nerds on the west coast.

Our Favorites This Week
Estelle of This Happy Place Blog has curated an amazing series on Dapper Day duds.

Melissa, also known as Disney on Wheels, explores Merida’s Meet and Greet in Magic Kingdom.

Though we don’t write a ton about Disneyland, I have been having a great time discovering the details in CarsLand with Rich on Mouse Troop.

The Disney Blog‘s John taste-tested some seasonal cupcakes.

I just finished up my book of Pixar stamps, and Mickey Fix has turned me on to these Disney Villains checks. Paying the bills just got fun again.

Ryan turns his eyes on some details from Who Framed Roger Rabbit on Main Street Gazette. 


What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

Super duper congratulations to Dylan Patty who won our Dapper Dans tee-shirt giveaway! We couldn’t have  picked a more awesome winner if we cheated: Dylan is a Disney-obsessed illustration student at Academy of Art University, a hopeful  future Walt Disney Imagineer and the co-founder of an awesome non-profit called We Are More. Follow him on Twitter @Dnpatty.

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