Weekly Round Up: October 28

Dan is Olaf Poop (Mouse on the Mind)Welcome home! (To me … I just got home at, like, 1 a.m. yesterday.) I had an absolutely lovely Florida weekend with Dan from At Disney Again and our ragtag family of Florida friends and family. <3

I spent a scant few hours at Disney World, but I have so much to tell you about! This week will be a bit light, but I’ll be back with lots of fun early next week.

But a quickie preview for you here in the photo … Legends of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd has transformed into a Frozen retailer. They’re not carrying any items that aren’t related to last year’s hit film. Yay?

What are you up to?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Melissa, who’s one of Rolling With The Magic, shares  great shots of an accessible room at Art of Animation. (I just love those rooms!)

shane has a pretty hilarious reaction to the removal of the Sorcerer’s Hat in Hollywood Studios on Parkeology. (Calm down! It’s just a temporary hat that’s outlived its welcome!)

Congrats to Rachel, who Does Disney Again! She is hanging around Disney’s College Program for a few more months!

Leah shares her most hilarious Disney vlog to-date on The Magical World Of.

Sarah, who is Eating WDW, and her hubby share a fluffy, delicious sweet in the Norway Pavilion.

Estelle learned all there is to learn about the biggest, most yellowest Muppet on This Happy Place Blog.

Katherine, who lives Food Fitness Fantasy, met with The Amazing Donaldo and The Great Goofini at Storybook Circus.

Jen shares her Disney antiquing secrets on EPBOT.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!