Weekly Round Up: October 23

It was another super huge week for us Disney geeks. Have you read about the new Limited Time Magic promotion? I guess we’re all going to have to move down to Orlando so we don’t miss a single thing, right? Who wants to go halfsies on an apartment with me??

And the big news just kept rolling: the Country Bear Jamboree reopened to great gnashing of teeth, and the New York Times tried its best to make us crazy Disney people feel relevant … but mostly just made us seem even more crazy. Thanks, NYT!

But seriously, you guys … all of that pales in comparison to something else I want to show you. THIS HAPPENED:

Rapunzel and Mandy (Disney Parks Blog)

 And my head just exploded. Too much amazing in one photo. Do you think they sang together? (Also, why is Rapunzel’s photo spot in Disneyland so much more amazing than the one in Disney World?!)

Us … Elsewhere
Melissa was featured in Successful Fundraising, a newsletter for advancement professionals.

Tracy wrote about a man from Nantucket.

Limited Time Magic
Of course, the new promotion got a lot of ink this week. Here’s what some of our blogging besties had to say …

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog wrote a breathless post about two recent run-ins with Disney Magic in New York City.

Karen pondered the possibilities on The Best Friends Guide

Our Favorites This Week
On Main Street Gazette, Ryan waxes nostalgic for a trolley that never was.

Steve shared some super cool garbage trivia on Magical Trash.

Sarah snacked on soft pretzels at The Wave and shared her thoughts on Eating WDW.

The Disney Hipsters have Disney villain fan videos!! Oh, how I love a fan video …

The dudes at Fiesta Fun Center brought me back to the Imagination Pavilion (and Dreamfinder) of my youth.

Erin Foster shared some thoughts about Disneyland dining on Disney Food Blog

And because now ending this thing with a video has become de rigueur, here’s an amazing video of butch dads singing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. (Thanks to The Mary Sue for the link!)

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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