Weekly Round Up: October 21

Downtown Disney (At Disney Again)
Sunset over Downtown Disney

Howdy! And happy Tuesday!

I’ve got a pretty full week here … tomorrow, we’re taste-testing a new fall-inspired WDW snack. Thursday, I have some big news. And Friday we’re looking at the Disney cosplay at New York Comic Con.

See? Full. And getting fuller …

Because in addition to the action-packed adventures here on Mouse on the Mind, I’m also flying to Florida this Thursday for a super action-packed weekend with Dan from At Disney Again. We’ll be doing a couple of Disney days as well as a couple of non-Disney days. I’m  pretty psyched … and I can definitely use the vacation!

What are you up to?  Anything you want to see photos of when I’m in Orlando this weekend? Just leave a comment!

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Jake, who’s one of Mickey’s Mutineers, has some cool news: he and his brothers are recording a rock cover album of Disney Theme Park music. Can’t wait to hear all of it!

Emma shares some photos from her visit to MNSSHP–and her most adorable costume–on A Pinch of Pixie Dust.

shane, who shares his research and musings on Parkeology, shares a window into the soul of some of WDW’s most popular attractions.

Leah shares the five defunct Disney attractions she missed most on The Magical World Of.

Dawn, who proundly proclaims I Am A Mommy Nerd, gives us a tour of the new Frozen-themed shop recently opened up at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney.

Mindy shares a first look at Disney’s next full-length animated film on Inspired by Dis. Can’t wait to see it!

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!