Weekly Round Up: October 16

Epcot Center (Mouse on the Mind)What a great week for Disney fans!

I’ve never been quite so jealous of those of you who live in Orlando than I was this past week. Though I couldn’t be there to experience the “dress rehearsal,” I watched with increasing excitement as more and more of New Fantasyland was revealed through tweets and blogs and Facebook posts. It looks amazing, and I can’t wait to fully explore it.

Even as I was drooling over New Fantasyland, I kept an eye on all of the news and photos coming out of the Food and Wine Festival. In a word: deliciousness. I have to say: I wish I’d done more eating around the World Showcase during my recent trip. But there’s always next time!

Us … Elsewhere
Tracy had a busy week on Suitcase Scholar! She wrote about unclassy travels, her favorite road trip roads and  her love of photography.

Food and Wine Festival Favorites
Eating WDW hit the Florida Local Booth. To enjoy one of my favorites from this year’s Festival.

Eating and Drinking Around the World tried the strawberry-lime margarita in Mexico and offers an at-home recipe.

AJ and Heather from Disney Food Blog hopped into the Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog. So cool!

Over on Main Street Gazette, Ryan shared the recipe for one of Canada’s delights.

The Best of the Rest
We’re a little late this one, but mental floss covered WestCot earlier this month.

The Disney Hipsters ordered up a room with a view.

On This Happy Place Blog, Estelle shares a Muppet Monday song that seems appropriate for a lot of us this week.

I love the Haunted Mansion/It’s a Small World mash-up design featured on Mickey Fix!

Rich took a whirl with Dumbo on Mouse Troop.

And, last but not least, Disney Hipster Princesses … The Musical:

What are you reading (or watching) this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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