Weekly Round Up: May 28

Donald USASo … by the end of this work week, it’ll be June. Does that stress anyone else out? Eeeeee!!!

Actually, that’s more of an excited noise because my June is already jam-packed with exciting Disney-adjacent adventures … because while I won’t step foot on property this summer, I have my Disney friends to keep me warm. (The sun will do that, too, of course. Just go with it.)

Hope you all had a “ducky” Memorial Day and a smooth re-entry back into real life. And for those of you who serve with honor: THANK YOU.

One Little Spark of Inspiration
If you’ve ever felt a little wishy-washy about DHS, I urge you to spend an evening there with At Disney Again. He will change your mind.

Leah over on The Magical World of ranks the men of Disney. Her first and second choices stink, but I love her anyway. (Oh My Disney shared a similar list … but I didn’t like their comments, either. Eric will always be the only animated man for me … unless Mr. Rider’s dance card frees up.)

Speaking of cute boys … if you like them (and/or eating), head over to Kelly Bakes, where Jeff (of Jeff+Lance) shares his top five favorite Disney foods. (Also? He shares lots of photos of Lance and himself. So. Eye candy.)

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog wonders why it’s so hard to find a great brunch in Walt Disney World.

Rolly Crump and tikis. Two awesome Disney things. Rich from Mouse Troop connects the dots and shares a great story.

Think The Land is boring? Ryan of Main Street Gazette sees things differently. And he has an origin story that begs to differ, as well.

If you’re prone to tantrumsOh My Disney has some top-notch advice.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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