Weekly Round Up: May 14

Elinor and MeridaBrave. The last week’s Disney news was all about Brave for me, at least.

On Saturday, Merida was officially inducted into the pantheon of Disney Princesses … and her mother Elinor was on hand for the celebration! HOW CUTE!

And as part of her inauguration, a new Disney Princess Collection version of Merida was unveiled and she looks like … a ginger Barbie with come-hither eyes and some very oh-la-la product in her hair.

So of course the Internet is all up in arms about it. This is my favorite mommy-blogger take on it. But it’s not just Internet folk: even the film’s author is really pissed!

What do you think about the whole sexy princess hubub? Can Disney do what they want with their IP? Or do they owe it to mothers and daughters to present strong, feisty role models for young girls??

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Ever wonder what Tink sees each night as she takes her dive from atop Cinderella Castle? Wonder no more: Mitch from Imagineering Disney shared some epic pics!

Jake of Mickey Mutineers totally crashed his brother’s vacation and filmed it for us. Amazing.

On Jambo Everyone, Dave suggests a new version of the Adventurer’s Club in Animal Kingdom.

Estelle shared her love of the Tangled Toilets on This Happy Place Blog.

Brian of Touring Plans Blog loves all up on Finding Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom.

On Mouse Troop, Rich shares a uniquely Disneyland moment.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!