Weekly Round Up: March 5

Dinglehopper (Mouse on the Mind)
Wish I were a dinglehopper

Happy March, loves!

My life is in a crazy tailspin of change at the moment (more on that when things are settled a bit), so I am going to keep this short and get back to trying to figure out how all of these puzzle pieces fit together.

But here’s one thing you need to check out: Floyd Norman’s blog. It is completely overflowing with amazing Disney stories, and it’s worth a look. Most recently, his story about recording King Louie’s part in The Jungle Book had me smiling so hard my face hurt.

Almost as much as that time I was a dinglehopper. (Speaking of, have any of you heard the rumor that you can no longer be the cutlery in Enchanted Tales?!?! I think we need to stage a revolt, enchanted-serviceware-style!!)

Over the Rainbow and to Worlds Beyond
I made my weekly visit over on Main Street Gazette, talking about Earl’s Holiday Sandwich.

Special thanks to  This Happy Place Blog and Main Street Gazette for including us in their weekend “best of” posts.

One Little Spark of Inspiration
On The Ink and Paint Blog, Natalie went on a frantic search for school bread in the real world.

There was some amazing Paperman cosplay on Blowing Off Steam this week.

Briar Rose is making bedroom eyes in Leah’s post about the new Princesses on The Magical World Of.

The Hipsters shared some bicycle safety tips. So fun!

Katherine ruminates on love–specifically the bond between two fishies–as part ofThis Happy Place Blog‘s Love Meter series.

Ryan writes about Disney World’s mascot cow on Main Street Gazette.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!