Weekly Round Up: March 26

Swan and DolphinHappy Tuesday, everyone! And sorry for the hiccup last week.

For those of you who haven’t heard (or gleaned from twitter), I moved to New Jersey last weekend. Crazy, right? New job, new apartment … new everything!

It’s a busy and exciting time, and that’s why there was no Round Up last week and why my posts may be a little sporadic in the coming weeks. I’m just holding on until get a little bit more settled here in these parts.

There’s been so much going on in my “real” life that I’ve barely had time to keep up with the latest Disney news … so what are you most excited/disappointed/passionate about this week in Disney news? 

To Worlds Beyond
Special thanks to  Main Street Gazette, Lance and Jeff, This Happy Place Blog and Disney on Wheels for including us in their weekend “best of” posts over the past couple of weeks. You guys are amazing, and I am so impressed by your lack of hiccups!! (Self deprecation!)

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Amazing photographer and friend of MoTM At Disney Again shared some unique photos from a special Tables in Wonderland dinner in The Great Movie Ride.

Our funny friend Leah from The Magical World Of listed the biggest assholes in the Disney universe. Yes!!

Natalie talked about Disney Ducks on Ink and Paint Blog. Keep your eyes peeled for a post from Natalie on MotM this week!

Mouse Troop’s Rich snapped a great tribute to the Muppets in Anaheim.

Josh explored Epcot’s World Showcase on Mickey Mutineers.

On Mickey Fix, Jen sold me ona Beatles/Star Wars mash up tee shirt.

Ryan planned two perfect WDW days on Main Street Gazette.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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