Weekly Round Up: March 10

So … Sunshine Tree Terrace and Aloha Isle are … switching locations? What?

I just really don’t get it. I mean, close Aloha Isle. Go ahead. They already serve Dole Whips at Sunshine Tree. To handle the extra traffic, open all of the registers. And actually, you could add at least one (if not two) more register at the counter.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

But why? Why? Why rename Sunshine Tree Terrace? It’s been as it is since 1971. I jut really don’t get it.

What are you up to?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Ashley, who’s Dressing for Disney, shares some Flower and Garden sights and threads. (Loving those succulents!)

Andrew considers one of my favorite Disney things — a roller coaster! — on Disney Hipster Blog.

Sarah, who’s Eating WDW, has an … mmm … delicious meal at one of my faves.

Check out a fabulous Up-themed wedding with Mindy on Inspired by Dis.

Jess and Cheryl, who are all about The Simple Things, are kind of amazing. They hand-crafted two Disney fairy costumes as well as Jessie and Megara costumes for their recent runDisney races.

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