Weekly Round Up: June 30

Disney mural (At Disney Again)Big weekend!

Dan and I explored an old, neglected summer summer camp in North Jersey on Saturday morning. We didn’t run into any ghosts, although we did see an otter and we found this cool Disney-themed mural in an old basement photo lab. Pretty cool, right? No one but looters and vandals had been on the property in 10 years, so it was pretty well a disaster, but we took some beautiful photos.

We also spent a lot of time packing–Dan headed down to Florida to visit his family for the next couple of weeks, and I’ll fly down and join him down there the morning of the cruise. To avoid airline baggage fees, he’s took my suitcase with him … so there was a lot of packing happening.

In other news, this’ll be my last Round Up post for the next four weeks because IMAGINEERING AWESOME, my supercool summer series, kicks off tomorrow. And to make things even more interesting, Kill Refurb Marry is next Wednesday, July 8. The topic is Disney resort pools. Hope you’ll play along!

What are you up to?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
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