Weekly Round Up: June 19

Eeyore (Mouse on the Mind)
Learn what Eeyore thinks about selling tee-shirts

Happy (slightly belated) Father’s Day, Disney Dads!! In honor of the father of theme parks as we know them, Disney Insider wrote a great tribute to Walt Disney as a father. Our dads may never had let us loose on an empty studio lot, but we love them anyhow!

Cars Land opened in Disneyland last week … and neither of us were invited. But that’s okay. The Disney Hipsters have us covered with five things you can do instead of visiting Cars Land. Thanks, boys!!

Honestly, though, we haven’t been too mopey over missing Cars Land. We’re too excited for Brave!! Suzannah  from Zannaland has a great, spoiler-free review of the film, and we’re so ready to head to the theatre.

Just shy of Brave‘s opening, we also got a peek at an upcoming Disney film: Frozen. Both The Mary Sue and Progress City USA were cautiously optimistic about this epic animated adventure. We love the cast (Veronica Mars versus Elphaba? Yes, please!), and we’re excited to see what comes next.

Are you looking forward to Brave?

Us … Elsewhere
Is Tracy slowing down? (Doubtful.) But she’s at least thinking about it. This week, she blogged about traveling too often and being the spouse “left” at home. And museum tours!

Melissa Sue is a slacker. But she’s also been putting together a super fun 2-day community meme for our Facebook page, so head over and check it out.

Our Favorites This Week
James King wrote about an incredible meeting with Jason Surrell on This Happy Place Blog. Read all about Jason’s work on Star Tours 2!

Jackie Steele shares a fun graphic: Epcot, as viewed by tourists.

Christina Wood wrote about Melissa Sue’s favorite salad in the Magic Kingdom on Everything WDW.

Doug Rice writes about leadership lessons learned from Disney movies on 12 Most.

Adam Hansen of Disney Photography Blog shared some absolutely gorgeous photos of the storefronts at Hollywood Studios.

Ever wonder how the characters feel about their merchandising and cross promotion? Find out in this hilarious piece by Carter Edman on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

Drinking Disney shares the 411 on Cotton-tinis in Downtown Disney. Yum!

Oh, the 1980s. Tight pants. Plastic hair. Too much blush. And a freshly newborn Epcot. Michael Crawford shares a nostalgic video on Progress City USA.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!